Rules & Regulations

For the Kind Attention of the Parents

  1. Both parents read report card and sign it.
  2. Listen to your ward's problem, but communicate directly with the teacher when problem occur. The facts get twisted and coloured unintentionally when carried home by a student prejudiced by his point ot view.
  3. Subscribe atleast one daily English newspaper and one good magazine. Read and let your children see you read.
  4. Your ward is studying in English Medium School. Kindly converse with him im English and let him/her watch English programmes on T.V. and subscribe children magazines. Also buy some story books for your child to develop reading habits.
  5. We earnestly request the parents to look into the diary every day and see to it that home work assigned for next day is done by the students with utmost care.
  6. Principal's Remark and Teacher's Note made in the diary should be seen regularly and noted.
  7. In case the child does not make progress, the Principal should be contacted.
  8. Home and school are partners in the educational process. We appeal to the parents to extend to us their whole hearted co-operation.
  9. Parents are requested to be formally dresses while coming to school. Kindly see to it that you are not in your night dress or track suit when you come to drop your child.

Recommendations to the Parents

  1. Parents are not allowed to enter the class either to see their children or to seek interviews with the teachers during school hours.
  2. Parents are requested to send their children to school in complete uniform (including ID card) and ensure that the child is neat and tidy.
  3. Parents are advised not to send any kind of junk food (like chips or namkeen) oor bottled drinks with the children to the school.
  4. Students, who do not use school conveyance, must reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell. After the first bell, the school gate will be closed.
  5. The school is not responsible for any loss of article or money. Students should not bring any valuable things like expensive watches, fountain pens, mobile phones, etc. No student is permitted to wear jewllery of any kind in the school campus.
  6. Parents are requested to check the school diary every day and note the homework assigned to the child or for any other instructions and ensure follow up action.
  7. The parents are requested to inform the school, if there is any change in the address or phone number, with immediate effect.
  8. In case a student, who uses school conveyance, is dropped by the parents, must be informed in the office.
  9. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.
  10. Parents are requested not to spend lavishly on food, presents, etc. in the school on a child's birthday as it disrupts the routine of the school.
  11. No parents or relatives will be allowed to meet the children in the school during school hours.
  12. Parents are requested to study the School Calendar throughly and prepare the programmes according to it. No separate notices will be issued regarding the holidays and other events unless there is a change in the schedule.
  13. Application for leave should be sent at least one day in advance and get it sanctioned by the principal. In case of sudden illness the application can be sent with the drivers on the same day or send the same with the child when he/she comes in the school next day. No phone calls will be entertained in this regard.
  14. No leave is permitted during examinations, except in any serious illness or misfortunes, which must be informed prior to the commencement of examination.
  15. No student will be permitted to drive any motor vehicle to and from the school.
  16. Fees for whole year must be cleared before a student is permitted to sit for the final examinations. Fees will be charged as long as the student is on rolls.
  17. The school does not undertake the responsibilty of sending a reminder to the parents to clear the dues.
  18. In case a student is to be withdrawn an application to this effect must be made in writing at least one month in advance.
  19. The school will not send a child with anyone else, other than the parents/guardian during school hours unless they produce a written letter from the parents/guardian.
  20. A student will attract a fine, in the following cases:
    • Coming late in the school.
    • Taking leave without proper leave application.
    • Coming without proper/complete school uniform.
    • Causing damage to any school property.
    • Spoiling/damaging other children's belongings.